Week 3


In Class

  • Weekly presentation from Kirsten Do
  • Project share from Arielle and Hannah
  • Recap on Mobile Considerations & Senses in Apps lecture
  • Share resources for Learn Sketch and Sketch Documentation
  • InVision Walk through
  • Students share their work. Email your PDF to Nika at start of class. Your partner will lead the discussion during your critique and answer the following:
  1. Which version is the most successful? Why?
  2. Which is the least successful? Why?
  3. Do the versions utilize the mobile specific conventions we’ve looked at? Specifically which ones?
  4. What can be improved upon?
  5. Are the desktop and mobile versions different? How can each be pushed into a specific experience?
  6. What could your partner add to help make the mobile experience more specific to the text? What about more specific to mobile?
  7. Do you have any ideas on how your partner could use the 5 senses to help define a mobile experience?
  8. What built in phone functionalities can help enhance the text?
  9. What is the point of the reading? Is there a narrative in any of the designs?


  • Revise your mobile design to utilize either sight, touch, smell, hearing, tase, or location or some combination of these. Think about how to cultivate a narrative through the use of typography and your interaction. Make 1 sketch for this in InVision to show how it can work.
Artboard 5
Artboard 1