Week 4


In Class


  • Choose a destination for Window to a World.
  • Visit it and document it using a field note approach: photos, videos, notes, descriptions.
  • Think about what draws you to this place, why you want to create a project around it, how you feel when you’re there, the purpose of the space, the current design of the space, how a user enters and exits the space.
  • Include a map of the space with key moments inside of it.
  • Things to start thinking about: how technology can add to the environment? to the narrative? How do you want to name your location?
  • Research any existing apps and branding for your space only after you’ve visited the environment.
  • Put all of your research into a PDF presentation that can be accessed at the start of class. (a few pages of fieldnotes with imagery and descriptions, a map of the place, why you’re interested in the location, what feelings you have there, what you want to focus on, how technology can add to it)
  • Reading: Grids by Rosalind Krauss. Come to class with one question/comment about the reading.
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