Week 10


In Class


  • User Testing: Decide on an interaction from your project you’d like to test out. Assemble a few screens and link them in InVision. Send your design out to the user testers on InVision by clicking the recording button at the top right in the prototype screen. Make sure to write a brief explanation for the project and write 3 questions on what you’d like the user to focus on. Forward your user test video to me along with your description and 3 questions. If you weren’t in class please email me for more information!!
  • Brand Guidelines: Begin assembling brand/design guidelines for your app. You can use this as a template for your final presentaiton. Design 3 pages/screens. Here are some ideas on things to outline: brand values, logo usage (if applicable), color palette and how the color palette is used in context, typeface selection, supporting elements, iconography, animations, touch gestures etc.
Artboard 5
Artboard 1